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Hole 7 - Lily Pond

Par 3    White 151    Yellow 105    Red 107    

SI 11 (white/yellow)  SI18 (red)

An innocuous looking hole at first glance, you will quickly realise however that there are hazards wherever you look.


The tee shot from the whites carries with it the danger of the protruding tree to the left (in photo).  The pond that the hole is named after lies immediately behind the green - so be sure not to over hit from anywhere as this is where you might finish, if not here then in the scrub land between. Add to that out of bounds to the right and bunkers left and right of the green, the one to the right a particularly devlish thing to get out of, and you have a nice challenge on your hands.


However there is a generous approach to the green and from the yellows tee, a simple low 'punch' should succeed, and provide youngsters with a chance to hit the target in regulation.

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 11.55.02 IMG_5227_2

Hole 8 - Kinechrechine

Par 4    White 306    Yellow 294    Red 223    

SI 1 (white/yellow)  SI4 (red)

Another par 4 that will tease the big hitter who fancies a shot at the green. There is all sorts of trouble to contend with around the target however, not least the pond to the right and in front of the green, and the surrounding trees.


The smart move from the whites and yellows is often to lay up in front of the burn which lies 160 yards ways - then follow up with a second lay up just short, and finally to bump and run onto the sloping green for a shot at par. It really is an easy game. However it becomes harder if you miss judge your chip and over run the hole, as particularly during a spell of dry hot weather, this will leave an Augusta style putt across or down the slope.


From the shorter tees, a chance to clear the burn and a nicely challenging par 4 for younger players and their families.  


SkyCaddie Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 12.57.00 IMG_5232 SkyCaddie

Hole 9 - Ben Lui

The longest hole on the course, but if you are fairly straight off the tee there shouldn't be a problem finding the fairway.


Most play this as a short par 5, since a shot at the green from further out carries with it the dangers of bunkers left and right of the green and the burn running close enough (see photo) to capture overhit and slightly wayward left flight paths.


Take note of the flag position while walking down the first, as this is a two tier green and you may wish to take this into consideration on your approach shot.


Families with children will enjoy playing this from the blue tees further up at the telegraph pole, providing a nice wide landing area from the tee shot from which to play into the green.

Par 4    White 407    Yellow 385    Red 393    

SI 9 (white/yellow)  SI 11 (red)

IMG_5252 Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 10.01.21 SkyCaddie

Hole 10 - Glen Lochy

See information for Hole 1

Par 3    White 162    Yellow 137    Red 162    

SI 16 (all tees)

Hole 11 - Mhoille View

Tee is set to the left this time round resulting in a straighter drive but a large tree 100 yards ahead now comes into play, which can catch low shots.

Par 4    White 350    Yellow 350    Red 350  

SI 6 (white/yellow)  SI 1 (red)

Hole 12 - Round the Bend

Par 3    White 164    Yellow 164    Red 164  

SI 14 (white/yellow)  SI 9 (red)

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 06.31.22 IMG_5236

This hole is aptly named - for although the Orchy is largely out of sight (in contrast to playing to this green first time round), you just know it is there, waiting on the right to grab the errant tee shot.


So play the hole as the name suggests - aim left and if skilled enough work your ball back round and you will at the very least have a bump and run onto the two tier green.


However hit too much to the left and the view you will have is the one in the photo. From here you will need Phil Mickleson like skill to get up and down in two. Or three, or four . . .


Hole 13 - Cruachan

Par 4    White 298    Yellow 281    Red 297  

SI 4 (white/yellow)  SI 6 (red)

Tee more to the left second time round, bringing encroaching growth on the left into play, so aiming slightly to the right usually does the trick.

Hole 14 - Awe View

Par 3    White 135    Yellow 122    Red 124  

SI 18 (white/yellow)  SI 17 (red)

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 23.21.47 IMG_2441

Played as the 5th first time round, it is amazing how a tee shot played from just a few paces to the side can mean a quite different proposition.


Previously the right to left shot maker's dream, this time the eye is focused on a natural left to right curve away from the trouble   which is now more reachable as the 14th tee  nestles in a wooded area to the right of the green (see picture).


But fear not, an easy 90 yard or so iron will lay up in front of the pond where your undoubted short game skill will get you up and down for your par. After all, it is officially the easiest hole on the course . . .


Hole 15 - Kilchurn/

Glen Lochy

Par 4    White 278    Yellow 265/276    Red 268    

SI 8 (all tees)  


Off the whites, the tee shot this time round is ground level and so hitting to a blind fairway. Use the large tree behind the green as your line to keep yourself safe.

Hole 18 - Stronmilchan

Hole 17 - Kinechrechine

Hole 16 - Lily Pond

See information for Hole 7

See information for Hole 8

Par 3    White 151    Yellow 105    Red 151  

SI 12 (white/yellow)  SI 14 (red)

Par 4    White 306    Yellow 294    Red 291  

SI 2 (white/yellow)  SI 3 (red)

Tee set some way to the right of the ninth, plenty of fairway to the left to aim for, same hazards on the right as before except more reachable from here.

Par 4    White 407    Yellow 394    Red 393  

SI 10 (white/yellow)  SI 12 (red)